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Fashion watermelon

It is characterised by its great sweet and crisp flavour, by not having seeds and by maintaining the traditional aspect of the watermelon of a lifetime. An excellent product, with an intense red colour flesh and a uniform sweetness from the rind to the heart.

IceBox: IceBox: It is characterised by its crisp and fresh flesh, its uniform sweetness and easily digestible microseeds that do not need to be removed for their consumption.
Icebox is commercialised in small gauges of between 2 and 3kg and comes with a practical transport mesh with handle.

Fashion Go! It is the same watermelon brand Fashion in small gauges that incorporates a carrying handle to take it wherever and whichever way you want.

Available packaging


Cardboard Box of 2 piece, Pallets of 64 boxes

Size: 50x30x25

Cardboard Box of 3-4 pieces, Pallets of 45 boxes

Size: 60x40x25