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New image

New image

In Agrícola Navarro de Haro we have been focusing on renewing our spirit and using for the first time a new corporate image.

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Our products

In the market throughout all the year, thanks to the combination of products and geographical areas where it grows. .

Beef Tomato

This tomato ripens progressively, preserving until the end a greenish tone.

Long Life Tomato

Round and smooth, with an intense deep red colour. It has a great conservation. 

Plum tomato

They are ideal to consume alone, with olive oil, they have an intense and pronounced flavour.


One of our traditional products, fresh and healthy.


Composed of 95% water, it is highly beneficial for the organism.

White Watermelon without seeds

It is a fruit as delicious as it is nutritious and extremely refreshing, while at the same time providing interesting nutritional characteristics and many benefits for our health.

Mini Watermelon

Very striking fruits with an intense deep red colour flesh, crispy and high sugar content.

Fashion Watermelon  

It is characterised by its great taste, sweet and crispy, by not having seeds and by maintaining the traditional aspect of the watermelon of a lifetime.


Rich in nutrients and minerals. Contains essential antioxidants for health that help to prevent heart diseases.

Our brands

Commitment to quality and customer service.